Well gosh.

So far this has been a year of people asking me to do stuff that is awesome. At some point I’m going to have to say “no.” But right now, I’m just saying yes. To everything.

So I like to write; I can’t really help myself. To be asked to be part of a blog community was not only an honor, it was a welcome excuse to do something I secretly feel terribly guilty about.

So yay, Blog of Wax!

Mission: to write about music most people don’t ever hear.

I have a lot of friends in bands who write phenomenal music that most people will never hear. But I’m not going to write about their music in a forum like this. The reason: I don’t really want to become that person bands hope/want/expect will give a nice write up of their band. I’m not that person now. I don’t know whether I could become that person or not. But the point is, I don’t ever want to become that person. Period.

I want to be the person who disappears in a record/band/live show/moment and who doesn’t come up for weeks, months, or years; that person you point and laugh at because they love a record so much, it’s embarrassing.

So I will only write about: 1) bands I love that no longer exist; 2) bands I love that don’t exist anywhere near this music scene, and who aren’t really seeking my gushing approval of their band, (because like, I don’t count); and 3) (if Levi will let me) bands on major labels who don’t need me to write them up, but who maybe people in Seattle don’t listen to because maybe people in Seattle think they’re too cool/hip/indie/what-the-fark-ever to listen to them, but bands who are just STUPENDOUS, nevertheless.

So I’m honored to be here, and I’m ornery.


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