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Welcome to the brand new Ball of Wax Blog (or Blog of Wax). I started Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly over five years ago with the idea of shedding light on and creating a document of some of the wonderful music that was being made all around me, much of which without any fanfare, press, or radio play. I also wanted to use this series of compilation CDs and the release events associated with each as a way to build community among musicians, whether local to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest or from across the United States and the world. It recently occurred to me that there’s really no reason to limit these efforts to one CD and one show every three months; we can harness The Power of the Internet to keep this conversation going throughout the year, bringing other voices on board and sharing some of our favorite music and thoughts on music with you, our readers.

Ball of Wax, as much as it’s been about community, has always been a dictatorship – a benevolent one, I hope, but a dictatorship nonetheless – with almost everything (except for the writing and recording of the songs) done by me. Blog of Wax will be much more of a group effort, and I count myself very fortunate to have a wonderful crew of co-contributors. Our inaugural group of writers includes Andrea Maxand, Louis O’Callaghan, Jon Rooney, and Caitlin Sherman, all of whom make music that has been featured on at least a couple volumes of Ball of Wax in the past, and all of whom will have much to share with you in the coming months. I hope to keep this community of writers growing, of course, but I’m very pleased to have this group all working together here at the outset.

Thank you for being part of our community. We hope you’ll enjoy what you read, hear, and see here, and we hope you’ll add your voice to the conversation.

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  1. robert deeble says:

    Levi… you have out done yourself again! Beautiful man, I love the site, the blog, the passion for music. See you Friday….


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