Welcome Bart Cameron to the Blog of Wax Fold

Our newest contributor, Bart Cameron, is not only the leader of an international musical phenomenon (the Icelandic/Seattleite Foghorns – heard on Ball of Wax volumes 15 and 19), he’s also an actual, published journalist and writer. This alone should disqualify him from appearing in these unhallowed Internet pages, but what the hey; he’s a good guy and my only hope to realize my dreams of Olympic curling, so I figured I’d throw the guy a bone.

We’re thrilled to have Bart here on Blog of Wax, sharing underexposed music he’s into, whether local or international or some other kind of -al altogether. Check out his first post, on the Scottish performer known as Withered Hand. Or just listen to “More than Jesus,” by The Foghorns, right here:

The Foghorns – More Than Jesus

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