Back in MY Day: Video

Bah! I’m back! And I’m still unhappy about things and you should be too!

So anyway . . . what’s up with all the blasted music videos these days?

Back in MY day, you only made a music video if you had $1.5M and wanted to show off how badass you were at playing guitar outside a church while your lead singer attended a wedding/funeral and was a douchebag.


Bah. Now everyone with a handicam and an iMac is starting a band and making a creative video. They get their friends and find a napkin to write a “script” on and shoot it all in one shot and it’s brilliant and fun and . . . and . . . ULTRA BARF! If I wanted to sit in front of my computer and not get any work done while waiting for your video to be over, I’d be, um, uh . . . well I don’t. I don’t want to do that. That’s my whole point.

And you know what? Want to know a special little secret? Just between you and me? There’s a reason OK Go are known for their music videos: Because their music audio is completely unremarkable!!! Mediocre at best. There I said it.

Now excuse me while I fire up my browser and enjoy internet video with that for which it was intended: Funny cat videos.

You thought I was going to say porn, didn’t you? Ha! I win again!

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