God’s Favorite Beefcake – Witches Bones ‘n’ Whale Skin

We’re having a hard time in Seattle right now. Yesterday was a brutal, tragic day and we lost some wonderful people. I didn’t know Drew and Joe very well, but I played a show with them at the magical Cafe Racer a couple years ago and found them to be talented, engaging, and hilarious. My heart aches for everyone touched by the events of yesterday. Today I’ll be playing their album Witches Bones ‘n’ Whale Skin on repeat and wishing I’d known its creators better. I recommend you do the same, and if you want to buy a copy I’m sure the money would be well used.

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2 Responses to God’s Favorite Beefcake – Witches Bones ‘n’ Whale Skin

  1. caitlin sherman says:

    Nice post Levi. Yes, let’s all listen to God’s Favorite Beefcake and send love to Cafe Racer and the creative community Drew & Joe put so much into.

  2. Bart says:

    Thanks Levi. This is a rough one.

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