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Check Out This Song: Fen Wik Ren – “Poison Pen”

If the name Fen Wik Ren is new to you that’s no surprise. I was made aware of this new project/moniker of Ryan Barrett (Pica Beats) today via the magic of social networking. I’m not sure what the story is … Continue reading

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Submit to Ball of Wax 29. Hold the Guitars.

Well, I’ve been threatening it for a while, so I figured I’d go ahead and pull the trigger on the “no guitars” installment of Ball of Wax. For the purposes of this compilation, I will define a “guitar” as any … Continue reading

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Big Boy Music: Fort Union Has Made the Album of the Summer for Anyone over 30

Fort Union – self-titled (2012, self-released) I thought I had the wrong album, truthfully. The opening chord pattern played on an atmospheric synth without rhythm or resolution seems like it could go forever. But somehow, it segues into an arpeggiated … Continue reading

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Tito Ramsey: “Sword and Stone”

I know things have been quiet here in Blog of Wax land, and for that I apologize. There’s all sorts of things I could be talking about or sharing with you, but I’ve been a bit pressed for time of … Continue reading

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[glocal scene] Made in Iceland

You would be daft if you think you could go to Iceland and not come into contact with incredible music. Unless you listened to nothing but the radio stations, that is. Iceland in May is a curious concoction of near … Continue reading

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