Holiday Tunes from Ball of Wax Friends

HeatwarmerMerry Christmas! Happy New Year! Etc.!

If you think you’re sick of listening to holiday-themed music, I implore you to open your mind and your ears and check out these wonderful new additions to the genre from some of our favorite people. With just a few clicks, and for as little money as you care to pay (though I encourage you aim high), you can massively expand and improve your selection of holiday music, play it into the ground for the next 36 hours, and then revisit it gleefully in another 11 months or so. Enjoy, and we’ll see you in 2013!

Heatwarmer – Christmas Is Weird [They aren’t kidding]:
[wp_bandcamp_player type=”album” id=”1974657854″ size=”grande” bg_color=”#FFFFFF” link_color=”#4285BB”]

OC Notes – Food-$$-Booze-Xmas:
[wp_bandcamp_player type=”album” id=”4221496894″ size=”grande” bg_color=”#FFFFFF” link_color=”#4285BB”]

Prairie Empire – Auld Lang Syne:
[wp_bandcamp_player type=”album” id=”3375464979″ size=”grande” bg_color=”#FFFFFF” link_color=”#4285BB”]

Five holiday classics from Matt Menovcik (aka Vinca Minor):

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