Ball of Wax Volume 31: Covers!

bow31 posterBall of Wax Volume 31 (Covers!)
Columbia City Theater
Saturday, March 9, 8pm

$8 advance / $10 doors (includes a free copy of Ball of Wax 31 CD)
Performances by Alicia Amiri, Norman Baker, Robb Benson, Emiko Blalock, Jeremy Burk, Shenandoah Davis, Brad Dunn, The Foghorns, Levi Fuller, Led to Sea, The Music of Grayface, Colin J Nelson, Bret Alain Phillips (Oldman Winter), Caitlin Sherman (Slow Skate), and Virgin of the Birds

I am quite pleased to announce the release show for the next volume of Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly – a very special installment that will feature me and fourteen of my favorite local singers and songwriters all covering each other’s music, round-robin style.

For the Ball of Wax 31 CD, each of the above artists is recording a cover version of a song by another artist – names were drawn from a hat, in sequence, making for one big circle of covers (full sequences of who covers whom below). For the release show, each of the 15 performers will play two songs: their cover version and their original version of the song someone else covered – so throughout the night you will hear 2 different versions each of 15 songs.

We did this once before with a different crop of artists – way back for Volume 4 – and it was loads of fun. I’m really looking forward to sharing this CD and this very special night of music with you all.

Ball of Wax 31: Who Covers Whom

The Foghorns cover
Led to Sea, who covers
Brad Dunn, who covers
Emiko Blalock, who covers
Shenandoah Davis, who covers
Colin J Nelson, who covers
Alicia Amiri, who covers
Bret Alain Phillips (Oldman Winter), who covers
Jeremy Burk, who covers
Robb Benson, who covers
The Music of Grayface, who covers
Caitlin Sherman (Slow Skate), who covers
Norman Baker, who covers
Virgin of the Birds, who covers
Levi Fuller, who covers The Foghorns

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