Ball of Wax 31 Originals: Led to Sea – Fear of Flight

[Ball of Wax 31, as previously announced, will feature 15 local songwriters and bands all covering each other’s songs. Between now and the release show on March 9th, I will share the originals with you to provide a little background, and perhaps a deeper appreciation of the CD and show. (Which is March 9th. Did I mention that? March 9th. Columbia City Theater.) We’re posting the cover versions on Bandcamp, where you can pre-order the CD now.]

The Foghorns, contrarians that they are, selected the only instrumental number to appear on Ball of Wax 31, covering Led to Sea‘s “Fear of Flight,” off her wonderful 2011 album Into the Darkening Sky. Clarinetist Lauren Zeck gamely takes on Alex Guy’s odd time intro melody. Then the rhythm section joins in, and the next thing you know it’s a bluesy freakout jam of the highest order. I can’t wait to see them play this one – and their own “80 Proof,” which I covered – at the show.

Led to Sea – Fear of Flight

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