Ball of Wax 31 Originals: Shenandoah Davis – Proof

[Ball of Wax 31, as previously announced, will feature 15 local songwriters and bands all covering each other’s songs. Between now and the release show on March 9th, I will share the originals with you to provide a little background, and perhaps a deeper appreciation of the CD and show. (Which is March 9th. Did I mention that? March 9th. Columbia City Theater.)]

Shenandoah Davis’ “Proof” is a rich, jaunty, parlor tune. If there’s a place where Kurt Weill and Kate Bush intersect, it may be this song. Solo artist and Pufferfish contributor Emiko Blalock takes the song in another direction all together on Ball of Wax 31, pivoting on the intimate nature of the lyrics with an introspective arrangement.

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  1. Levi Fuller says:

    And as of today we’ve started posting the tracks from the new Ball of Wax over at – and will keep posting them in tandem with these pieces. So far you can listen to tracks 1-6, up through Emiko’s version of “Proof.”

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