Submit to Ball of Wax 33!

33The next volume of Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly will be number 33; an evocative and compelling number indeed, I think you’ll agree. I’m a big fan of the number 33 (have been for a long time), but I couldn’t come up with a theme for this one that satisfied me (or that I could afford; I ruled out a 33 rpm vinyl LP as soon as the thought crossed my mind, sad to say).

So I have no specific theme in mind, but think your 33-iest thoughts as you write, record, or select a song, and maybe we will converge on some kind of unintentional theme. Stranger things have happened.

The submission deadline is August 1, but early submissions are appreciated (and sometimes I run out of room by the deadline). Get cookin’!

Submission guidelines here. Please share far and wide and encourage friends and strangers to send me their music.

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