Ball of Wax 36 Songs: GreenhornBluehorn – “Out of the Dark”

As previously blogged, the Spring 2014 volume of Ball of Wax will be unleashed upon the world on Saturday, June 7th. And what better way to kick off the spring release and celebrate the end of winter than with a song called “Out of the Dark”? I’m not entirely sure what the subject of this song is, but the phrases that jump out (“I’m spinning wheels,” “I think it might take longer than I said,” “even though it’s miles ahead,” “my rough and weary hands”) and the intense, forward-thrusting arrangement blend perfectly to connote some kind of epic journey. The GreenhornBluehorn boys have crafted yet another fine pop song with a hint of darkness and foreboding, and I’m thrilled that they’re sharing it with us for the newest volume. Don’t miss their set at the Ball of Wax 36 release show!

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