Ball of Wax 36 Songs: Levi Fuller and the Library – “Hide and Seek”

“Hide and Seek” sees Levi and his Library return to the bash and crash of Social Music and some recent Ball of Wax contributions. The band jumps right at it from the get-go with stomping drums and a sludgy riff doubled on bass and guitar – further evidence of Levi’s steady drift toward stoner rock (maybe we’ll have a Hawkwind-themed Ball of Wax!!!). The rough, home-made demo is lively and loose while still being nicely constructed. The verse settles into straight fours and down strokes while the chorus employs a title-appropriate “olly olly oxen free” refrain with Levi doubling some harmony vocals. Librarian Jonathan Wooster takes a nifty bass solo at about the 2:30 mark with a brittle, “Helter Skelter” bass tone that really works. Count this as another promising step towards the full length that these gentlemen are working on.

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