Ball of Wax 39 Songs: Coast – Beads of Light

Port Townsend’s Coast is another new band to Ball of Wax, and another band so new to the world that they didn’t have a name when they first sent me their music. Singer-songwriter (I think?) Spencer Johnson is accompanied by three members of the roots rock outfit Cold Comfort (including, full disclosure, Dekker Deen, who also plays drums in my own band) on this breezy pop track, tastefully produced and arranged, with hooks to spare. Coast is an appropriate name for this project, both geographically and musically: We Seattleites like to think we live on the West Coast, but PT is a heck of a lot closer. The music itself (evocative somehow of that other state that takes up most of this coast) seems to coast along smoothly under its own power; just click the play button and let it do its thing, and then try to get it out of your head.

I think Coast is making their live debut – certainly their Seattle debut – at the Bow 39 show on March 7th. I’m looking forward to seeing their sparkling tunes roughed up a little bit in the live setting.

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  1. Sheri Deen-Brightwell says:

    Where can we catch Dekker Deen playing?

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