Ball of Wax 39 Songs: Spit Shine – Oh My Love

We have a couple of artists performing at the Ball of Wax 39 show on March 7th under names that don’t actually appear on the CD. One of these is Shannon Jae, whose spine-tingling voice is the centerpiece of this particular tune, written and recorded in Nashville with the short-lived group Spit Shine. “Oh My Love,” despite the low-fi recording, comes across as a rich, stirringly performed folk song, all full-throated harmonies and guitars and fiddles and banjos and love and loss. This is one of those songs that once you’ve heard it seems always to have existed – is it possible one person wrote it, or did it just emerge fully formed into the world while no one was looking? Okay, now I’m getting all weird and hippie-dippy; you can see what this song has done to me. Suffice it to say, Nashville’s loss is most certainly Seattle’s gain; Shannon’s achingly beautiful songs and voice are a welcome addition to the local scene, and I can’t wait to see her kick off the show next Saturday night!

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