Ball of Wax 40 Songs: Syncopateen – Massive Stardust

[Ball of Wax 40, as we’ve mentioned, is a little different. Given the unique nature of each of the bands and songs on this collection, we decided to eschew our usual track-review format for the blog in favor of letting each of the bands speak for themselves about the songs they wrote and recorded in a day. The year 2006 was tackled by Syncopateen: Rob Anderson, Josh Engelhardt, Caroline Keys, and Michael Wohl .]

Dear Science,

I’m not sure what’s gone wrong but I feel we’re growing farther apart. While I can be quite distant at times I’ve always felt we had a bond that held us together. Now it seems like you have less time and interest in me.

You’ve been spending time with some who are close to me and I see their shadows passing over me. Is there someone else?

If you need time, I have it; we’ve been together for eons. If you need some time I can move farther away for quite awhile but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to break free of our bond.



While I admit there is an undeniable attraction between us, I feel you’ve grown cold and distant. After seeing so many around you I realize I’ve only been seeing a shadow of you for all these years. Its really not you, you’ve been the same throughout our relationship, coming and going as you please, showing me only one side of yourself, cold, sometimes close, sometimes so far away. I don’t want to say “It’s not you it’s me,” but its really true. You’re the same, I’ve changed the way I look at you.

I hope we can still be friends.


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