Ball of Wax 41 Songs: Cold Comfort – My Appetite

It’s still summer for another week or so, and I’m gonna milk it for all I can. If the Kings’ horns and skanking beats hadn’t already gotten the message across, the chiming guitars and slinky rhythms of Cold Comfort‘s “My Appetite” should make you fully aware that we are now in the “feel-good summer jams” portion of this particular volume. Regular listeners will probably notice that this tune has a little more poppy sweetness and a lot less irony and darkness than the usual BoW fare, but I’ve always been a fan of well-crafted pop, and sometimes you’re just in the mood for a fun, charming love song played with delight and precision by a bunch of dudes from Port Townsend. Turns out that’s just what I was hankering for without even knowing it, and “My Appetite” fit the bill perfectly.

Come see the band this Friday at the Ball of Wax 41 release show at Conor Byrne – you don’t want to miss the last summer party of 2015, do you?

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