Ball of Wax 41 Songs: Puget Power – SF Bust

I’m always a sucker for a good, solid baritone voice, and Puget Power‘s Barry O’Hara is the owner of a pretty exemplary one – rich and textured in the quiet bits, with just the right amount of heart-wrenching yowl when it’s needed. Combine that with a barroom ballad about the trials and tribulations of living in San Francisco with not enough income and a broken heart, and you’ve got a surefire hit in my books. I can only hope that the economic climate in Seattle doesn’t force him to write a sequel to this song called “Seattle Bust” from his roomy new Tacoma apartment in the near future.

Come see Puget Power in Seattle while musicians can still (sort of) afford to live here! The band is headlining the Ball of Wax 41 Release Show TOMORROW NIGHT at Conor Byrne!

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