Ball of Wax 44 Songs: Karaoke Hottiez – Get on By

When I first wrote about Karaoke Hottiez (and that still-atrocious moniker) for volume 43, I had no idea that the band was the side project of one Matty P, he of the Foghorns choir, Plastic Jet Airline and all-around good man about town. And like last time, the name is still a chemical fire but the song is ace (and to the shitty commenter from last time, yes – my band DOES have a transcending, magical, urbane name). “Get on By” is a gob of lo-fi Beach Boys-esque self-harmonizing vocal goodness, sad and pretty and almost stately. The fi is so lo that you can hear Matty pressing the record button on and off at the end, adding to the charm. Nicely done Matty! Please change your band name.

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