Ball of Wax 46 Songs: Boring Ghost – Hypnagogic

‘Hypnagogic” is an extremely easy listening song. It hovers over a state of nearly falling asleep, when at last, you fall into the trance. It has one of the most beautiful guitar refrains I’ve heard, ever. Original, catchy and inspiring. The song swells brilliantly between a calm baseline with a halftime feel to the upbeat refrain, each time adding subtle, well-textured layers. Boring Ghost [returning to Ball of Wax for the first time since Volume 3! -ed] has a mastery over lyrical delivery. Take for instance the way he sings, “El-lec-tric.” It’s easy to overlook the brilliance of the delivery, but it’s just smooth, awesome, and cool. Excellent syncopation between the instruments, particularly the drums. Yeah, this song delivers.

Boring Ghost will make the trek from Indianola to join us next Friday, December 2nd, at Conor Byrne for the Ball of Wax 46 release show.

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