Ball of Wax 46 Songs: Happy Tourists – Another Day

This song brings back pleasant memories of the ’90s to me. And it deserves ’90s music video treatment, for sure. This song sounds too witty, subtle, and clever to come out of Seattle. In fact, according to the Happy Tourists’ bandcamp, they are from New Haven, Connecticut. The dude is only 19 years old! I wasn’t writing anything half this good when I was that age. Almost twice that age and I’m not writing anything half that good. Dig deeper into Happy Tourists’ bandcamp page and you’ll find an EP loaded with original catchy songs. “Another Day,” along with the EP it comes from, are loaded with soft synthetic sounds. A mellow tone rings throughout with nothing too jarring in between. I would keep an eye and ear on Ryan Ansel, the creator behind Happy Tourists. Hopefully his EP Things That Fool Me won’t be his only offering. Regardless, it’s worth many revisits.

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