Ball of Wax 47 Songs: Danbert Nobacon & the Axis of Dissent – “Revolution 9.01”

This is a banjo and snare drum marching song that seems to be lightly channeling the Pogues. I can see the band walking down the streets of downtown Seattle like in a Macklemore video. Slowly picking up more and more strays and passerby along the way. Until by the end of the song they’ve got a whole crowd of thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands. The vocals are front and forward so as not to miss a word, as Danbert Nobacon pops off references to Darwin, H.G. Wells, la Revolution and the like – all brightly tied into today’s reality politics. I enjoy the cleverness of the song – like towards the end, where they start singing “do do do do do” but then wrap up the melody with “do whatever we have to do.” It caught me off guard. So the song goes on and more and more join the crowd, the resistance. Till finally they finish up. The march and the video comes to an end. And then the crowds, the crowds, the crowds . . . Viva la Revolution.

Join the crowd and see Danbert Nobacon & members of his Axis of Dissent live at the Ball of Wax 47 release show February 26th at the Sunset!

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