Ball of Wax 47 Songs: Louis O’Callaghan – “Later Comrade”

Louis O’Callaghan (see also The Graze, Sun Tunnels, Lux Fontaine, etc., etc.) rocks it on his protest song “Later Comrade.” This song channels Neil Young and beams it onto modern bearings. Loud crunchy guitars, a driving beat, thumping bass guitar, well-placed synth, and a wild vocal line that howls up, down, left, and right – all of this conveying a dumbfounded disbelief. Certain words shine out at the beginning and ends of phrases. “California,” “TV”, “entertainment.” “They don’t know what they’re doing.” And I cannot believe it either, comrade! This is a good song, flat out. Perhaps you could plug it into your cassette stereo while driving out across country to a march on the Washington monument.

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