Ball of Wax 48 Songs: Spelunker – “French Song”

“French Song” plays like sweet bossa nova. Perhaps Gilberto or Getz. But it harkens deeper then that to me. The delivery and style remind me of the softer quieter moments of Tom Ze. It plays like “A Felicidade” by Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes. It rambles on in a similar way. Reminiscing, philosophizing. The flute has as much to say as the vocals do. Spelunker’s Darryl Blood shows how so much can be done with so little: A guitar, finger snaps, flute and some vocals. Speaking of the vocals, so soft and subtle like a whisper. Such delivery. And after the first refrain, “ahhhh.” So expertly placed! Darryl’s execution is perfection in this song. This song soothes and sends one into a reverie. And the song exits so beautifully, with some dah dah dah recap of the melodies and some mysterious woman’s voice duoed with the singers. I cannot say enough about this song.

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