Ball of Wax 50 Songs: Sun Tunnels – “I Guess Not”

Louis O’Callaghan (once the Graze, sometimes just Louis O’Callaghan, now Sun Tunnels) is one of Ball of Wax‘s oldest, dearest friends. He first popped up way back on Volume 2, and while he’s had some extended absences, he always finds his way back. “I Guess Not” is part of Louis’s brand-new EP, Old Haunts Vol. 1, which finds him putting the finishing touches on various tracks that have been languishing on one hard drive or another (I have no idea what that must be like). “I Guess Not” a deeply satisfying slab of driving, 6/8 rock with loud guitars and drums and bass (thanks to Terry Kyte and Sugar McGuinn) and Louis’s emotive tenor emoting all over it. There’s a mostly instrumental break about halfway through with these beautiful “hyeahhh”s kinda buried in the mix but peeking out just enough to thrill the close listener. Then it all sort of flops apart at the end as Louis sings the title, almost as a comment on the song itself. Hey, is this a heck of a kickass rock song or what? Ehhh, “I guess not.”

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