Ball of Wax 50 Songs: Visceral Candy – “Doot Doot”

Our pals Visceral Candy are back with more densely layered, thoughtfully constructed art-funk – this time in the form of an exasperated comment on the Current State of Affairs, this absurdist dystopia we somehow became trapped in about a year ago. “What the heck, America?” asks Seth Swift, and while some of us might quibble with his G-rated word choice, the sentiment is deeply familiar to those of us who’ve been trapped in a constant WTF loop for the past year-plus. “Doot Doot” offers no solutions, but clearly expresses the disorientation and frustration of being a thinking human in America today – and honestly, sometimes all my brain can muster as my eyeballs are bludgeoned with the day’s news is “doot doot doot doot doo,” so this feels about right.

Visceral Candy will bring this and several other tunes to life at the Ball of Wax 50 release show, December 15th at LoFi. Get your tickets now!

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