Ball of Wax 50 Songs: Shenandoah Davis – “Supernatural Powers”

Leave it to me to pick the sweet, loving song on an album of breakup songs. Our old pal (last heard around these parts on Ball of Wax 31, covering Colin J Nelson and being covered by Emiko Blalock) Shenandoah Davis’s commanding new LP, Souvenirs, is primarily an album about the ends of relationships – and every single song on it is worth many listens – but “Supernatural Powers” seems to come from deep in the folds of a promising new relationship. “Laziness and loneliness are through,” she sings, “now that I’ve found company in you.” Of course the placement of this song on this particular album perhaps adds a level of irony to that refrain, but sometimes it’s nice just to take things at face value, right? Musically, “Supernatural Powers” has a seductive, subtle drive that drew me into it. There’s very little percussion, but the strumming and thrumming acoustic instruments create a continuous pulse that keeps the song moving forward, providing a solid bed for Shenandoah’s words and melodies.

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