Ball of Wax 50 Songs: The Laughing Group – “What Happens Stays”

A year after making their BoW debut as The Laughing Group, Seth Howard and co. return with “What Happens Stays,” a pretty little waltz number (replete with jazz chords, melodic Casio, and lush backing vocals) with subtle, evocative lyrics. I’m not 100% sure what this song is about, but as always Seth’s lyrics are precisely crafted and beautifully delivered. Certain phrases evoke the mundanity of living in this strange futuristic time in which we find ourselves. A reference to bitcoin early in the song, and later, this: “Sirens are mute now, all I can hear is the navigator’s voice dull and clear.” This is a strange time to be alive, but I’m very happy Seth’s voice is part of it.

The Laughing Group will play this tune – and probably some of their more rocking numbers as well – at the Ball of Wax 50 release show, December 15th at LoFi. Get your tickets now!

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