Submit to Ball of Wax 51: Loooooooong sooooooooooooooongs!


Photo courtesy kathuw56 on Flickr. I don’t know, it came up when I searched for ’51’ and I fell in love. Let’s presume he’s listening to some long songs on those headphones.

With apologies for the relatively short notice, I wanted to make sure I publicly announced our call for submissions for Ball of Wax 51: Long songs!

I love (and sometimes make) long-form music, but when I get a lot of great submissions for any particular volume, such tracks often tend to get the first cut, just due to space considerations. So I’ve decided to have one volume that is not an audio CD, devote it to long works, and make it however damn long I please! (We’ll either do a data disc of MP3s with full-quality download, or just the usual packaging with only a download code; I welcome your feedback/ideas.)

What does “long” mean? Let’s say 10-30 minutes per track. (Oh lord, what am I getting myself into?)

Oh, and when I say “songs,” I don’t really mean just songs. We’re quite open to/expecting droney/minimalistic/experimental/improv, what have you, as well as long rambling ballads or stoner-rock anthems. Music! (However you define that.) Long! That’s it.

Bring ’em on!

Deadline: January 14th (give or take)

Guidelines: here

Questions? Comment or drop me a line!

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