Volume 37

Summer 2014: Songs about Animals

Recess Monkey – The Hermit (illustrated by Nathan Shields)
Eli Rosenblatt – Monkey Monkey (illustrated by Courtney Blazon)
Werebearcat! – Principles of Interspecies Dynamics (illustrated by Gabriel Mintz)
Jon Rooney – The Truth about Penguins (illustrated by Dejah Leger)
Hal Colombo – Kittens and Gorillas (illustrated by Keith Negley)
Colin Ernst – Henry Hippo (illustrated by Amy Redmond)
Levi Fuller – Molly Magoo and Oliver Crow (illustrated by Michael O’Driscoll)
GreenhornBluehorn – Don’t Play with Fire Ants (illustrated by Sam Jansons)
Sun Tunnels – Woodpecker Song (illustrated by Emiko Blalock)
Colin J Nelson – Koala (illustrated by Scott Bilstad)
Cleemann – The Sloth (illustrated by Sarah Kulfan)
Caroline Keys & Nate Biehl – The Deep Above (illustrated by Tim Kirkpatrick)
The Whizpops! – Sea Turtle (illustrated by Charles Spitzack)
Monica Schley – All the Pretty Horses (illustrated by Laura Szumowski)
The Foghorns – Alfred the Elephant (illustrated by Darryl Blood)

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