Free Album(s) of the Day: Eyes

The band Eyes, sadly no longer with us, was a psych-kraut-groove-freakout project led by the multi-talented singer/songwriter/saxophonist Scott Pinkmountain (also of P.A.F., Scott Pinkmountain and the Golden Bolts of Tone, Pink Mountain, and probably myriad other projects). Pinkmountain is an unstoppable force of artistic generation and creative energy, and Eyes was a thrilling example of that energy: layers of drums, guitars, and organs, fronted by Pinkmountain conducting, hollering, and blowing his sax, splitting the difference between James Chance and Fela Kuti. I feel very privileged to have seen them live, in an intimate, brain-melting performance at the Josephine.

As mentioned above, Eyes is no longer active, but they recently released their second album, Dust, available for free on Bandcamp. You can grab their first album, A Candle in the Crown of Dawn, while you’re there. Either – or both – would make for a great burst of spastic, soulful noise to kick your week off.

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