New Contributor: Phil Heron on the Glocal Beat

Some time in early 2007 or late 2006 (can it really have been that long ago? yikes), I met a pair of energetic young Brits who were traveling around the country (and, in fact, the world) embedding themselves in and documenting as many local music scenes as they could, with the aim of producing a documentary film and web site tying us all together in one great big global/local (or “glocal”) scene. Needless to say, we had a lot to talk about. Some of that talking I did on camera for said documentary, but Phil Heron and I have kept the conversation going via e-mail for the past four or so years, and he’s remained as energetic and supportive as ever, sending artists my way for Ball of Wax, keeping his subscription updated, and reposting links to our blog posts.

I’m always happy to have more perspective on underrepresented music and community here on Blog of Wax, so when Phil expressed interest in providing a bit of the glocal perspective here, I enthusiastically signed him right up. Pay attention to what the man says, and keep the conversation going in comments. Thanks Phil!

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