The Curious Mystery: “Night Ride Reeling”

The guys at Sospunwespunwest really have a good thing going. They have a great approach to making music videos, which seems to be to employ various methods of collage (both physical and software-based) and simple camerawork to make them as fun and absurd as possible. They’ve done videos for some Ball of Wax favorites such as Oars and Heatwarmer, and they just released their second video for The Curious Mystery. It’s really a doozy, starting with a soft-focus pickup game of basketball and featuring a super-creepy masked entity and a time-and-space-traveling guitar solo. Watch it. Love it.

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  1. Oh cool.. I walked by the basketball court the day they filmed it and I thought that was Johnny. What an excellent piece.

  2. MooM says:

    There’s also a new Mike Dumovich video by SOSPUNWESPUNWEST. check it out –

  3. oh, by the way, delayed comment: i really like this! i ended up going to their show at the comet last month after seeing this here, and am happy to report it was an awesome live set. that evening i picked up their new album, which has made me happy to listen to as well. thanks ball of wax! (also, fun fact, it just so happens that the “super-creepy masked entity” is my ex-barista. thanks facebook!)

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