Live Video from the Ball of Wax 24 show (part 1)

As I hope you know, we recently released Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly Volume 24. If you don’t already own it, I do hope you will pick up a copy of your own for the low low price of $5 post paid.

The release show, as always, was a blast, with great sets from a bunch of old friends: Casey Alexander, Sun Tunnels (Louis, formerly the Graze), Robert Deeble, and Amateur Radio Operator. (Oh, and I played too.) For the first time I brought a camera and shot some video, which I thought I would share here.

I’m pretty new to this whole Vimeo thing. One thing I didn’t know is that I can only upload so many videos per week, so I figured I’d start you guys off with two videos for now, and then share more as I upload them. Enjoy!

Casey Alexander plays “The Best Thing You Can Give,” as heard on BoW 24:

Amateur Radio Operator plays “Waiting on the Tide,” as heard on BoW 24:

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