Back in MY Day: Wrong Number

Bah! Time keeps on tickin’ and all you young people keep on sickin’. Sicking me out that is! With your young people ways that are different from mine.

Let’s see, what’s on the docket today . . . right! Rock bands with the wrong number of “personnel.” That’s what!

Let’s get this straight, “millennials.” The correct number of people that should be in a rock band is 4, plus or minus 1. Even Discovery math students can figure this out:

(3x + y) +/- x, where x = musician and y = drummer.

4 members? Classic. You got your Beatles, your Jethro Tulls, your Oasises/Blurs. I’m sure there are others.

3? Nirvana. Uh, Silverchair. 5 . . . Pearl Jam, Fleetwood Mac. Pink Floyd. There were five of them I think. That’s about all the bands I know. And all I need to know!

Hey, Marseilles! You hear that? Unless you’re Glenn Miller and it’s 1939, you’re about 12 members over the limit there. Hate to keep calling you out Maldives, but there it is. Nobody needs that second banjo.

Also, it goes the other way. My Goodness? Not good enough! Get a bass player already.

Alright! That was quick, let’s all think about what we’ve learned here today.

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