Tele Novella

Once there was a band I liked very much called Agent Ribbons, from Austin by way of Sacramento. After years of relentless touring and several records they are recently no more (I believe the drummer may have been tired of not having things real people do, luxuries like health insurance, food, etc).

But wait, cease your sobs! Natalie Gordon of said band has hit the ground running with a brand new one called Tele Novella. Natalie’s tasty telecasting, expressive alto and songs I wish I’d written were all major highlights of AR, and they’re all there in TN. I know little else (price you pay for being on the cutting edge right?!), so no need to babble on. From what I can tell they’re making some really excellent pop music.

Tele Novella are on their first tour, and this Wednesday they’re playing in Seattle, at Heartland. I recommend you check them out. Here’s a recent clip from the tour:

And here’s a neat mp3 of a record they did, for you for free:

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