Ball of Wax 33 Songs: Friendship Commanders – “Bad to See You”

As Jon so astutely gleaned yesterday from my song “33 Slade St.,” I was once in a band that rehearsed in a house at that address – and in fact we took our name from it. This volume, as part of its “33” semi-theme, features songs from all three of the band’s members, as well as a previously unreleased 33 Slade track. Stay tuned!

The singer and guitarist in 33 Slade was a very dear friend of mine named Buick who has gone onto an incredibly productive musical career, including gorgeous solo work and impressive collaborations such as the booty-bass of They Rule and the emotive punk stylings of her new band Friendship Commanders – who, with “Bad to See You,” deliver a note-perfect (both musically and lyrically) kiss-off song. I know you’ll be digging this up next time you need to make the ultimate “fuck you” mixtape for someone who done ya wrong – although odds are you won’t have to dig far, as it pretty much demands repeat listens whether or not you have anyone to dedicate it to.

(As an aside, today just happens to be the birthday of Amos, the model and namesake for Friendship Commanders’ debut EP. Happy birthday big guy!)

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