Ball of Wax 38 Songs of Protest: Colin Ernst – “Assholes and Fuckheads”

What would you do if two of your close friends and artistic collaborators were murdered in broad daylight by a gun-wielding maniac? For most of us, fortunately, this is a hypothetical (and horrifying) question, but Colin Ernst and many others in Seattle’s creative community were faced with this very situation two years ago when four people were gunned down in Cafe Racer, including Colin’s friends and Circus Contraption collaborators Joe Albanese (aka Dexter Mantooth) and Drew Keriakedes (aka Shmootzi the Clod). I don’t know what I would do in this situation, but Colin did what Drew and Joe would most likely have done, and channeled his feelings into an angry, filthy, hilarious song, which he is very generously sharing with us now. Gun violence is a huge problem in our country, but as long as our political system is completely paralyzed on the issue, all we can really do (apart from supporting and voting for I-594 here in Washington) is to remind each other and ourselves not to be assholes or fuckheads. Listen to this song every day and see if it doesn’t make you less of an asshole.

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