Ball of Wax 38 Songs of Protest: Peter Colclasure – “Where’s My Bailout Muthafuckers?”

With apologies to any young listeners who might have joined our ranks with our kid-friendly Songs about Animals project, our friend Peter Colclasure has another take on the current economic state of affairs. Pete takes a less subtle – and less FCC-friendly – approach than Shiv Hurrah, but the result is no less pleasing to the ears. Turns out Mr. Colclasure can’t help but turn out high-quality pop songs, even when he’s railing against the oligarchy and spitting out lines like “you say you won’t pay some loser’s debts / well I will see your contempt and raise you a pound of flesh” (not to mention the reference to Ayn Rand-generated boners and how they relate to the 2006 housing market forecasts). The stomping punk rock coda is priceless, and will have you shouting “where’s my, where’s my bailout muthafuckers?” with proletarian zeal.

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