Ball of Wax 41 Songs: Electric Dylan – 1998

Before hearing a single note, I decided that Electric Dylan‘s “1998” is in my wheelhouse. Electric Dylan is the best Dylan (Street Legal foreva!) and I come from the ’90s, so this is a natural fit for my blurbage. Electric Dylan, the current nom de rock of longtime Ball of Wax friend Michael Sanchez (last heard from back on BoW 30; see also The Way It Is),  seem like a pretty, slightly moody indie pop outfit along the lines of Rogue Wave and maybe even a little early Death Cab for Cutie. There are subtle layers of synth blurbs and drum loops that thicken the acoustic guitar/vocals/drums arrangement nicely and  Michael’s performance really carries the song. A fine reappearance from Mr. Sanchez on Ball of Wax, and hopefully not the last.

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