Ball of Wax 43 Songs: Amina – Spice

Maybe it’s the fact that my dad’s from Green Bay, or perhaps there’s some kind of Boston/Seattle/Wisconsin triangle of compatibility that makes us all instantly dig each other, but whatever the reason, I keep finding myself surrounded by (and loving music by) Wisconsin expats. The newest case in point is Amina, the project of a dude named Ethan who moved here from Madison last year and released the very satisfying EP Cannibalize, from which comes our opening track, “Spice.” If I were a better music critic I would have a pocket full of bands and genres to reference here, but I’ll just say that something about this particular blend of head-nod-inducing beats, hyper-syncopated bass, weird bloopy noises, and meandering vocal melodies totally hits a sweet spot for me. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the live Amina experience is like (I’ve been assured much looping is involved). Find out with me at the BoW 43 release show February 27th at Conor Byrne!

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