Ball of Wax 48 Songs: Odd Couple – “Flügge”

I’m not sure that German Grunge Rock was ever a bona fide genre like, say, Brazilian Psych, but it certainly seems like it should have been. Odd Couple are decidedly German and, per “Flügge,” devotees of dirty, fuzzed-out rock and roll. It starts with a chugging distorted bass vamp and layers in all sorts of overdriven guitars and squeaks before a bellowing snarl sings something angsty in German. There’s a rad little riff breakdown before a classic rock turnaround brings us to some sort of electric sitar-driven breakdown. If a song can be the aural equivalent of a tattoo of a skull with a snake slithering through its empty eye sockets, the first three-quarters of “Flügge” takes the cake. The final bit is a nice, spacey Tyrannosaurus Rex / Pretty Things interlude.

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