Volume 12

Spring 2008

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Ryan Dolliver – Sail
Poland – Factorytown
Jack Shriner – Inside Voices
Grumpy Bear – Round the Bend (Swedish)
Peter Verdoes – British Colombians
Brittain Ashford – Under Hum
Jack Barnett – Taller Standing Up
Jeremy Burk – City Jobs
Ken Cormier – December Waltz
Darryl Blood – Sink and Swim
Levi Fuller – I Summer in Albuquerque
Sabertooth – Darkest Days
Meyercord – Anchorless (Bathtub Demo)
The Crying Shame – Dear John
Kate Tucker & the Sons of Sweden – Roman Candles
Origami Ghosts – Story?
Devoirs – Berlin
Music for Dead Birds – The Sex
Audience – A Long Road (To Come Back Home)
Lord God Bird – Courting the Phoenix
a.w.feldt – A Sigh of Defeat