Volume 13

The “Fuck the FCC/George Carlin RIP” edition

Summer 2008

The Theater Fire – The Testicle Song
Darryl Blood – Walkin’ Talkin’ Mean
Bitches with Sticks – Bloodsucka
Before the Mast – Willyoulovemwheni’mdead
Smile Brigade – Big Desires
Bret Phillips – Demerol Lane
Levi Fuller – Will We Ever Know?
ST Rainbow – Helicopter
Virgin of the Birds – She’s in the Moon Again
I Am the Internet – Party in the Corn Silo
Olie Eshleman – OK, So What Do You Want to Talk about?
Southside – Quit Yer Job
Meyercord – Shit on My Heart
Jon Garcia & the Best Laid Plans – In Real Life
Metaforce – Exxxplicit Content

North America/Int’l.