Volume 2

Autumn 2005

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Johanna Kunin – Blueberry
Joshua Morrison – Westport
Steven Kattenbraker – Fence Out
Toy Tractor – Stay Up
Chris Moore – See What it Brings Out
Ian Schuelke – Fallout
Arkade – Listen, Here
Land! Bravo – Kyoughn
I Am the Internet – Bullfight Champion
You May Die in the Desert – In Case I Should Die
Andrea Maxand – Anesthetize
The Way it Is – What Will We Do?
The Graze -Conditions
John Vecchiarelli – Train Song
Kelli Hanson – Risk Free
Smile Brigade – Improv with the Lashes
Levi Fuller – 2 Wrights/2 Wrongs
David Karsten Daniels – Epilogue
The Maneuvers – Jungle Song