Volume 3

Winter 2006

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OldManWinter – 20 Questions
Boring Ghost -Compunction
An Evening With… – Sail on Blue
Petting Zoo – Flip Flopper, Mixed Messages
Bill Horist – Times When You Wish You Hadn’t
Big Lake Trawler – Gaslight
Brian Michael Roff & the Deer – As it Turns Out
James Apollo – A Little More Sting
Robert Deeble – Scarecrow
Darryl Blood – Large Box Black
Drew O’Doherty – You’ll Believe a Man Can Fly
The Critical Hits – Legless & Distraught
Girls on Strike – Rue Cortot
Boo Hiss – I Sold Out
Levi Fuller – MacGyver
Ollie Byrd – Prozac
Open Choir Fire – Nice & Neat
The New Death Show – Timber