Volume 4

Spring 2006
The Covers Project (Free Download)

Pufferfish – Pt. Blank Texas (by Ian Schuelke)
Amateur Radio Operator – Rest Stop (by Pufferfish)
David Bavas – Water Shed (by Amateur Radio Operator)
Andrea Maxand – Sorry (by David Bavas)
The Graze – Here Comes the Revolution (by Andrea Maxand)
Conrad Ford – Tractor Beams of Love (by Levi Fuller)
Levi Fuller – 8th Grade (by the Way it Is)
The Way It Is – Forget the Dark (by Wesafari)
Wesafari – Wading Schematic (Wading and Schematic by Seth Howard)
Seth Howard – Mobius Waves (by Johanna Kunin)
Johanna Kunin – I Throw You Away (by Troubleshooting)
Troubleshooting – Skeleton Songs (by Conrad Ford)
Smile Brigade – Devices (by the Graze)
Robert Deeble – End of World Cartoon (by Smile Brigade)
Rosyvelt – Some Bartenders (by Robert Deeble – courtesy of Fractured Discs)
Ian Schuelke – Dancing by Numbers (by Rosyvelt)