Volume 5

Summer 2006

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Joshua Morrison – Alabaster
Scott McChane – Dark Stars & Faded Stripes
Amy Blaschke – It’s Not as Though
R. B. Reed – For H. Hesse or Rev. Harry Powell
Virgin of the Birds – There Is a Wide Road
Levi Fuller – Mouse on Fire
The Music of Grayface – Averyshortstory
Robb Benson – California Stutter
Ainara LeGardon – Each Day a Lie
Yeek Yak Air Force – Getting away from the Christians for Just One Minute
Vast Massive Satellite – The Brainwashing Trust
Plan B – Oranges
Cock & Swan – Cumulonimbus Community
Grumpy Bear – How Do I Get Rich?
Red Jacket Mine – Jesus’ House
Darryl Blood – I Believe
Jimes – Busted My Chin