Volume 7

Winter 2007
The Ball of Wax DVD

[See selected videos from Volume 7 on our photo/video page.]

Plan B – Double Crossin Little Rat (Video by James Van Leuven and Patrick Volve)
Pure Horsehair – The Sun Is the Source (Video by Ryan Smith)
Daughters of Atlas – Sons of Suns
Katharine Hepburn’s Voice – My Molly (Video by Michael R. Sanchez)
Arkade – Giuseppe (Video by Jennifer Maas)
Antlerand – Far Too Clean (Video by Chris Lael Larson)
Vis-a-Vis Society – EXERCIZE
Lake of Falcons – Black & Beige (Video by Eric Fundingsland)
Water Kill the Sun – Good Men Who Drive Vans Have to Transcend a Stigma
David Bavas – Running (Video by R.K. Adams)
Unbunny – Nightwalking
Wesafari – Whaleboy (Video by Dan McGregor and Robert Payton)
Levi Fuller – As the Crow Flies (Video by Charlie Potter)
The Graze – Vacancy
Bob & the Dangerous Brothers – Le Hohn Hohn Hohn
Brent Amaker & the Rodeo – You’re No Good (Video by Black Daisy)
The Music of Grayface – Thetrialsofaninterstateaffair
Up to the Minute With Brandon Ivey

North America/Int’l.