Volume 8

Spring 2007
The Instrumental Ball of Wax (Free Download)

Bill Horist – Dayglo Sexy
The Pica Beats – Martine, as Heavy Lifter
Great Unwashed Luminaries – Activate the Youth Machine
The New Death Show – Untitled/33 Hours
Joy Wants Eternity – Above the Clouds Lies Eternal Sun
Emory Liu – Lullaby for Ravenous Baby
Levi Fuller – Wheels within Wheels
Corespondents – Last Day of September
Lineland – Northside
Virgin of the Birds – Recommendation
Show Me Eyes – Those Lonely Carnival Lights
Sleepy Eyes of Death – Rolling Blackout
Snowman Plan – Your Toad Roots
Neptune – #28
The Luna Moth – Never Heard Before
Mark Schlipper – Lost Wax Casting
Marc Manning – Moonlight Is Bright
Daughters of Atlas – Catedral Veneno